Top Benefits of Reading eBooks from Libgen Library Genesis

1. Describe your traditional ebook

Yaz El Hakim: One that enables technology to bring it to life and has an interesting content. Often the files we send do not enable all the content you want to connect with. Usually, ebooks will benefit from multiple technical strengths.

2. What are the core characteristics?

Such functions include highlighting, inserting notes, reading aloud, drawing/ink, scan and sharing. My personal preference is Search – I find a lot of material around a certain idea or field of study, too to build up my broader reading!

3. What are the advantages for lecturers?

I would have liked to help students with multimedia learning material as part of the graduation expenses that many universities are still doing while they were still teaching (I was formerly a sports psychologist at the University of Winchester). Indirectly, the learning analytics generated by digital learning are one of the most interesting and probably powerful I have ever seen.

4. What are the incentives for students?

As a college, there are many opportunities. You get something for free instantly and everybody likes it. If you have etextbooks, though, you can no longer go to the library and get them (or pay for them yourself after six weeks' books have been reserved), you can draw them all, write your notes next to material when reading it, swap key bits with your friends or teachers and easily check for key ideas or topics.

5. What are the rewards to institutions?

Effective workflows, time and cost savings from the printing systems of many universities but above all understanding of the quality and learning research to support student learning and university results.

6. Will this resource have any limitations?

None, aside from the dying battery, but then you could only change on laptop to online edition...

7. How do ebooks support sustainability?

Tons of trees and tons of carbon are rescued! According to The Guardian, the average family has a massive 7.4 computers. We can imagine the rewards if we've just used them and downloaded an application that we can read all our ebooks from.

8. How do you see ebooks incorporated into the classroom or theater?

Collaboration is one of the most critical aspects of instruction. Students can conveniently highlight, annotate and exchange their notes with peers, tutors or research groups by using ebooks. We saw this at the University of Plymouth, who considered this one of our most appealing qualities. Another way I see ebooks integrating in the classroom is for a professor to use them in a different unit, to set up their students at home, to place an ebook on a projector or an interactive whiteboard to deal with particular topics or models of the curriculum. Because of the blended existence of ebooks, there is no limit to their use – which is a perfect example of incorporating ebooks with teaching.

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